Talk: On the method of brackets (JMM)

On the method of brackets (JMM)

Date: 2011/01/09
Occasion: AMS Joint Meetings 2011, Special Session on Mathematics Related to Feynman Diagrams
Place: New Orleans

This is my talk given at the AMS Joint Meetings 2011 in New Orleans (I didn't have to travel far this year).

The presentation introduces the method of brackets via a series of examples highlighting the different features of the method. In particular, since the session was on mathematics related to Feynman diagrams, a three-dimensional integral coming from a one-loop triangle Feynman diagram with a massive propagator is evaluated.


The method of brackets is a set of partially heuristic rules to evaluate definite integrals which has its origin in the negative dimensional integration method used in the context of integrals arising from Feynman diagrams. It was introduced by Ivan Gonzalez and Victor H. Moll. We describe the method, which may also be viewed as a multi-dimensional extension of Ramanujan's master theorem, and illustrate it with several examples.


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