A Sage package for evaluating log-sine integrals

This Sage package accompanies the paper Special values of generalized log-sine integrals.

Besides the package you find a notebook which shows basic usage. If you don't have access to Sage you can still look at the attached pdf file logsine-sage-usage.pdf which illustrates the package in use.

Note that the package is preliminary and has several rough edges—please report any issues to

There is also a Mathematica package which is more polished and further includes the results from the new preprint Relations for Nielsen polylogarithms.


16.62 KB Logsine Sage package 3603
2.33 KB Sage notebook illustrating basic usage 2922
54.22 KB PDF illustrating basic usage (PDF, 3 pages) 2054


 Logsine sage package 1.0 2011/07/13Armin Straub
*Initial release.