Relations for Nielsen polylogarithms

Relations for Nielsen polylogarithms
Jonathan M. Borwein, Armin Straub — Journal of Approximation Theory — Special issue dedicated to Richard Askey — Volume 193, 2015, Pages 74-88


The Mathematica package LsToLi has been updated to include the results of this preprint.


Polylogarithms appear in many diverse fields of mathematics. Herein, we investigate relations amongst the restricted class of Nielsen-type (essentially, height one) polylogarithms, both generic and at special arguments including the sixth roots of unity. Numerical computations suggest that the collected relations, partially motivated by a previous study of the authors on log-sine integrals, are complete except in the case when the argument is the fundamental sixth root of unity. For use in other applications, all our results are implemented and accessible for use in symbolic computation or to facilitate numeric computation. In particular, the relations are explicitly exhibited in the case of low weights.


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