Spring 2017: Linear Algebra II (Math 316)


Instructor Dr. Armin Straub
ILB 313
(251) 460-7262 (please use e-mail whenever possible)
Office hours MW, 9:05-1:15pm, or by appointment
Lecture MWF, 8:00-8:55am, in ILB 410.
Midterm exams The tentative dates for our two midterm exams are:
Wednesday, February 15
Wednesday, March 29
Final exam Monday, May 1 — 8:00am-10:00am
Text Linear Algebra with Applications,
by Jeffrey Holt (W. H. Freeman, 2013)
Online grades USAonline
Syllabus syllabus.pdf

Lecture sketches and homework

To help you study for this class, I am posting lecture sketches. These are not a substitute for your personal lecture notes or coming to class (for instance, lots of details and motivation are not included in the sketches). I hope that they are useful to you for revisiting the material and for preparing for exams.

After most classes, homework is assigned and posted below. This homework will not be collected; instead, it helps you prepare for the quizzes (which will usually be similar to the assigned homework) and our exams.

Date Sketch Homework
01/09 lecture01.pdf finish Example 8; also review any topic discussed today which you don't recall fully
01/11 lecture02.pdf do Example 11; again, if necessary, go over topics we reviewed today
01/13 lecture03.pdf do Examples 13, 22
01/18 lecture04.pdf do Examples 30, 32
Also, make sure you are ready for the quiz on Friday on diagonalization.
01/20 lecture05.pdf do Example 33; most importantly, play with the open-source free computer algebra system Sage
See below for the easiest ways to get started.
01/23 lecture06.pdf do Example 40
01/25 lecture07.pdf do Examples 44, 47; also check out Example 45 as a bonus challenge
01/27 lecture08.pdf do Examples 51, 52
There will be a quiz next Wednesday on least squares (finding least squares solutions to systems, orthogonal projection, linear regression), similar to the homework problems this week.
01/30 lecture09.pdf do Example 53
There will be a quiz on Wednesday similar to Example 53 (but 3x2 and with more pleasant numbers).
02/01 lecture10.pdf review the quiz (posted below)
02/03 lecture11.pdf have a look at Examples 62 and 63; finish Example 64
02/06 lecture12.pdf do Examples 67 and 68
02/08 lecture13.pdf do Example 77; start preparing for our first midterm exam next Wednesday:
midterm01-practice-lecture.pdf (these are problems we discussed in class)
02/10 lecture14.pdf do Examples 80 and 81; continue preparing for the midterm:
midterm01-practice.pdf, midterm01-practice-solution.pdf
02/13 review get ready for the midterm!
02/17 lecture15.pdf revisit and think about the sketch in Example 84; review the midterm (solutions posted below)
02/20 lecture16.pdf do Examples 86 and 91
02/22 lecture17.pdf finish Example 94; do Example 95
02/24 lecture18.pdf do Example 103
02/27 lecture19.pdf Enjoy Mardi Gras!
03/01 lecture20.pdf carefully go through Example 108 and fill in all details
03/03 lecture21.pdf do Examples 111 and 112
We will have a quiz next Wednesday on the SVD.
03/06 lecture22.pdf do Examples 116 and 117
03/08 lecture23.pdf review Examples 118-120 (geometric interpretation of SVD)
03/10 lecture24.pdf do the computations in Examples 123, 124; do Example 125
03/20 lecture25.pdf do Examples 135 and 137
03/22 lecture26.pdf do Examples 147 and 148; start preparing for our second midterm exam next Wednesday:
midterm02-practice-lecture.pdf (these are problems we discussed in class)
03/24 lecture27.pdf do Example 152; continue preparing for the midterm:
midterm02-practice.pdf, midterm02-practice-solution.pdf
03/27 review get ready for the midterm!
03/31 lecture28.pdf do Example 158
04/03 lecture29.pdf do Example 160
04/05 lecture30.pdf do Example 167 (also revisit Examples 163, 165, 166, which are slightly different than in class)
04/07 lecture31.pdf do Example 169; fill in the details for Example 170
04/10 lecture32.pdf complete Example 172
There will be a quiz on Friday similar to Examples 163 as well as 170/172.
04/12 lecture33.pdf do Example 176; prepare for the quiz on Friday
04/14 lecture34.pdf finish Example 179; happy Easter!
04/17 lecture35.pdf do Example 182
04/19 lecture36.pdf do Example 186; finish Example 187
04/21 lecture37.pdf do Example 189; finish Example 190
04/24 lecture38.pdf do Examples 193 and 195 (good exam practice, too); start preparing for the final exam:
final-practice-lecture.pdf (these are problems we discussed in class)
04/26 lecture39.pdf continue preparing for the final exam:
final-practice.pdf, final-practice-solution.pdf
04/28 review get ready for the final!


As part of this course, we will explore the open-source free computer algebra system Sage to assist with more involved calculations.

If you just want to run a handful quick computations (without saving your work), you can use the text box below.

A convenient way to use Sage more seriously is This free cloud service does not require you to install anything, and you can access your files and computations from any computer as long as you have internet. To do computations, once you are logged in and inside a project, you will need to create a "Sage notebook" as a new file.

Quizzes and solutions

  1. quiz01.pdf, quiz01-solution.pdf
  2. quiz02.pdf, quiz02-solution.pdf
  3. quiz03.pdf, quiz03-solution.pdf
  4. quiz04.pdf, quiz04-solution.pdf

Exams and practice material

There will be two in-class midterm exams and a comprehensive final exam. Notes, books, calculators or computers are not allowed during any of the exams.

Our exam schedule is:

The following material will help you prepare for the exams.