LsToLi: A Mathematica package for evaluating log-sine integrals

This Mathematica package accompanies the paper Special values of generalized log-sine integrals. Besides the package you find a notebook which shows basic usage. If you don't have access to Mathematica you can still look at the attached pdf file logsine-usage.pdf which illustrates the package in use.

Note that the package is preliminary and hasn't received final touches yet—please report any issues to

A preliminary package for Sage with functionality similar to the 2011 version is also available.


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98.06 KB Mathematica notebook illustrating basic usage 3528
201.61 KB PDF illustrating basic usage (PDF, 11 pages) 2473


 LsToLi 2.0 2013/04/03Armin Straub
*The results from the new preprint Relations for Nielsen polylogarithms are now included and available by calling the function LiReduce.
*In particular, the table of reductions has been further optimized and extended to weight 16.
 LsToLi 1.4 2011/07/13Armin Straub
*The table of reductions has been optimized. In particular, the table now only contains the extra reductions at $\pi/3$. All known reductions at other values are handled via families of general reductions.
*More reductions of one-dimensional Clausen values are included.
*For evaluations at $\pi$ the general evaluation code is now used in favor of extracting from the generating series.