Fall 2016: Intro to Number Theory (Math 311)


Instructor Dr. Armin Straub
ILB 313
(251) 460-7262 (please use e-mail whenever possible)
Office hours TR, 9:20-12:20pm, 1:50-2:30pm, or by appointment
however, no office hour Thursdays, 9:55-11:10am
Lecture TR, 4:30-5:45pm, in ILB 345 (Section 502).
Midterm exams The dates for our three midterm exams are:
Tuesday, September 20
Thursday, October 20
Thursday, November 17
Final exam Tuesday, December 6 — 3:30pm-5:30pm
Text Elementary Number Theory,
by David M. Burton (McGraw Hill, 7th Ed., 2011)
Syllabus syllabus.pdf

Lecture sketches

Date Sketch In the book Comments
08/16 lecture01.pdf mix from 3.1 and 3.2 think about the variations mentioned after the proofs
08/18 lecture02.pdf 1.1 Homework: Examples 8, 9
08/23 lecture03.pdf 1.1 Homework: homework01.pdf
due in class on Thursday, Sep 1
08/25 lecture04.pdf 1.2 carefully go through the proof of Theorem 20
(It is good practice of both induction and working with the sigma notation for sums.)
08/30 lecture05.pdf 2.1/2.2 Homework: homework02.pdf
due in class on Thursday, Sep 8
09/01 lecture06.pdf 2.2/2.3/2.4
09/06 lecture07.pdf 2.4/2.5 Homework: homework03.pdf
due in class on Thursday, Sep 15
09/08 lecture08.pdf 2.5 start preparing for our first midterm: midterm01-practice.pdf
09/13 lecture09.pdf 2.5/3.1 do the practice problems (solutions also posted)
the midterm is next Tuesday, Sep 20
09/15 review get ready for the exam!
09/22 lecture10.pdf 3.2/3.3/4.2
09/27 lecture11.pdf 4.2/5.2 Homework: homework04.pdf
due in class on Tuesday, Oct 11
09/29 lecture12.pdf 5.2/8.2/4.3
10/04 lecture13.pdf 4.3 Enjoy Fall Break!
10/11 lecture14.pdf 4.4 Start reviewing for the midterm next week!
10/13 lecture15.pdf 4.4 Practice problems: midterm02-practice.pdf
10/18 review get ready for the exam!
10/25 lecture16.pdf 4.4/7.2
10/27 lecture17.pdf 7.2/7.3 Homework: Example 110 in lecture sketch
will be part of the next homework set
11/01 lecture18.pdf 7.3/5.2 Homework: Example 117 in lecture sketch
will be part of the next homework set
11/03 lecture19.pdf 5.3
11/08 lecture20.pdf 5.3/15.2 Homework: homework05.pdf
due in class on Tuesday, Oct 15
11/10 lecture21.pdf 15.2/15.3 start preparing for our third midterm: midterm03-practice.pdf
11/15 review get ready for the exam!
11/29 lecture22.pdf 15.3 start preparing for the final exam!

Homework and solutions

  1. homework01.pdf, homework01-solution.pdf
  2. homework02.pdf, homework02-solution.pdf
  3. homework03.pdf, homework03-solution.pdf
  4. homework04.pdf, homework04-solution.pdf
  5. homework05.pdf, homework05-solution.pdf

Exams and practice material

There will be three in-class midterm exams and a comprehensive final exam. Notes, books, calculators or computers are not allowed during any of the exams.

Our exam schedule is:

The following material will help you prepare for the exams.