Midterm #2

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Midterm Exam #2


  • This exam needs to be completed before 3:00pm on Wednesday, April 15.
  • For the first three problems, you need to show your work on a piece of paper (or digitally on your computer) and submit it in USAonline. Click on Assignments and select Midterm #2.
  • You may use a calculator (or Sage) to verify your answers but, in order to get full credit, you need to show full details in your submitted work as if you were working without a calculator. For the short answer problems, you should use a calculator (or Sage).
  • At the top of the first page of your submitted work, you need to include and sign the following statement: I declare that I have completed the submitted work by myself, without consulting another person.
  • If there are any issues, keep calm and email me. This is new to all of us!

Good luck!